The best place in Ireland for Retro and Vintage video games

We are an Irish based company that aims to bring good quality retro games to people who feel as passionate about retro gaming as we do.

We here at Rewind Retro Gaming pride ourselves in the effort we go through to not only scour the country for those hidden gems lurking in attics but also the care we take in getting those hidden little gems looking as good as new.

Everything we get in whether it’s a Playstation 1 memory card or a Sega Mega Drive controller or that little worse for wear looking Mario Kart cartridge for the Super Nintendo is thoroughly tested and cleaned and then tested once more for luck!

Although we love finding new homes for our retro goodies we’re always on the lookout for unwanted games,consoles and accessories. So if your looking to part ways with that Sonic game for the Sega Master System or your double of Zelda: Link To The Past, drop us a message and we’ll take it from there.

Commodore 64 & Amiga 500 Games!

Super Nintendo & Sega Megadrive Games!

Sega Saturn & Sega Dreamcast Games!

Classic Playstation Games!

Original Xbox Games!


and lots, LOTS more!!