Dude finds ultra rare Nintendo World Championships cartridge

There are many reasons why people collect retro games. For some, it’s the simple joy of owning a plastic piece of nostalgia from yesteryear. For others, money might be the only driving factor behind retro purchases. However, there is one thing in common that both of these types of collector’s share: the thrill of the hunt. One Redditor got his mitts on a game that would probably have both types of collector’s salivating at their computer screens.

A Redditor with the username OneFancyLad posted in the “gamecollecting” subreddit about a cartridge his friend inquired about. The friend was in possession of a gaming collection he was now responsible for selling for a sibling. And what do you know, the collection included a World Championships cart in grey.

Many of the comments surrounding the incredibly rare cart were fairly helpful, advising OP resources to find a potential buyer, and even attempting to put a pin in its value. But, there were plenty of people offering to take the cartridge off OP’s hands. Eventually, the cart was put up for sale on eBay, and you can now own this amazing piece of nostalgia yourself… if you are lucky enough to have the $32,499.99 asking price!!!!!!